Maria’s professional background as an instructional designer for Fortune 500 companies means you get classes jam-packed with the best quilts, techniques, and lessons.  Her quilts offer sophisticated design with simple construction so you can focus on the color palette.  She can adapt her class format to fit your group, whether it’s a quilt shop, bee group, quilt guild, or private group.  All students must have their own copy of Color Mastery for color classes.    Download Maria’s workshop brochure here.  Listed below are the classes Maria offers:

Color Journal Class Keeping a Color Journal – the first principle of the ten outlined in Color Mastery is to create your own color journal.  Maria shows you what kind of journal works best, how to get started, and leads you through fun, innovative exercises to help you discover or refine your own color style.  Beginner to Advanced.  One day class.

Color Mastery with Maria Peagler Color Mastery for Any Quilter – learn how you can master the color in your quilts using the ten principles outlined in Maria’s book, Color Mastery:  10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts.  Even if you’ve tried color theory before and were unsuccessful, Maria guarantees you’ll be able to make gorgeous quilts after taking this hands-on class where you do color exercises with your fabric stash.  No sew.  Beginner to Advanced.  One day class.  (Excellent class to combine with Keeping a Color Journal and classes below.  Your group can create their own two or three-day class experience.)

Renaissance by Maria Peagler Simple Color, Stunning Quilts – make the Renaissance quilt from Color Mastery using strip piecing, artist’s secrets, and a basic color harmony.  Fat-quarter friendly and can be made, start to finish, in one day!  A gentle introduction to color in quilting.  Beginner to Advanced.  One day class.

Funky Floral Handbag Bouquet by Maria Peagler Sophisticated Color, Stunning Quilts – make the Funky Floral Handbag Bouquet quilt from Color Mastery.  Learn how to orchestrate more complex color relationships in quilts that have multiple design elements.  Have fun making this playful quilt that teaches a smart approach to color palettes.  Two day class.

Go from Blah to Brilliant with Maria Peagler Extreme Quilt Makeover! – give your quilt or fabric stash an extreme makeover!  Use the Color Mastery principles to give those same old fabrics a brand new look you never thought possible!  This is a dynamic, fun class because everyone’s results are different.  Each student brings a quilt from their past that needs an updated look, and at the end of class you will transform it from blah to brilliant!  Beginner to Advanced.  One day class.

Color Mastery for Art Quilters – take your art quilts to an entirely new level using the three elements of color and five different types of contrast.  Learn how to lead a viewer’s eye through your quilt, how to design color palettes to show your quilt’s focal point, and more.  Whether you make pictorial or abstract quilts, or you want to become an art quilter, this class will open up the world of color with a revolutionary new approach.  Intermediate to Advanced. No Sew. Two day class.

Artistic Machine Quilting by Maria Peagler Artistic Machine Quilting – a completely different approach to machine quilting, offering a big-picture approach to designing the quilting your unique quilt needs.  Answers those questions like, “how do I know what quilt design to use,” “how much quilting do I need,” and “do I really need to baste?”  Focuses on low- to no-marking techniques.  Start with machine-guided quilting and move to more advanced free-motion quilting.


The Creative Quilter’s Guide to Color. A fun and revealing look at color inspiration around us, how you can become more aware of color sources in your own life, and where to spot the best color trends.  Maria discusses her challenging past with color, how she faced it, overcame it, and how you can do the same.

Creativity in the Everyday. Creativity is one of Maria’s favorite subjects, as evidenced by her Quilts & Creativity blog.  Maria discusses her creative influences and how she injects creativity into every aspect of her life, from her quilts, to motherhood and marriage, entrepreneurship, and more.

Ensuring Quilting’s Future:  How to Interest Youth and Young Adults in Quilting. Maria has been quite successful in introducing quilting to children, young adults, and young mothers with little time to quilt, but her approach isn’t like anything you’ve ever heard before.  Learn what interests new generations of quilters – you will be surprised!

Author Lectures for Schools and Homeschool Groups: Maria visits students in schools and homeschool groups to talk about being an author, the importance of reading, and how being a good writer is essential no matter what career your students plan on later in life.  Maria ignites the love of reading and writing in her students, and she can do the same with yours!  Students learn about the writing life, get a behind-the-scenes look at publishing, hear what it’s like to be published, and discover secrets about authors and writing that make her lecture as entertaining as it is informative.

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