Willow Ridge Press

A small press located in the foothills of the Appalachians, Willow Ridge Press publishes outstanding titles that encourage the creative spirit in every quilter. We offer books that are filled with gorgeous photography, complete easy-to-follow instructions, and unique approaches nowhere else in the industry. We fill a niche in the marketplace by offering titles that go far beyond just projects, empowering you to be a better quilter for every quilt you make.

Willow Ridge Press\' in Appalachia

Even for those who doubt their ability, our books encourage quilters to become more creative in every decision they make about their quilts, from colors to design to quilting to binding. Explore our site to mine fantastic resources for the quilts you can’t wait to make!

For more information on Willow Ridge Press or our titles, please contact us at:


Willow Ridge Press
10690 Big Canoe (mail)
2627 Highland Court (UPS or FedEx)
Big Canoe, GA 30143-5133
770-891-2852 (W)
706-268-1363 (F)

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