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Welcome to a wealth of resources for teaching color to your students, even if you’re not a color expert yourself.  Here you can learn more about Color Mastery, download free articles for your shop newsletter, and find out how you can train your staff to be more color savvy.

Color Mastery is, first and foremost, a teaching book.  You or your teachers can use it for all levels of quilters who are curious about color.  It contains color exercises, simple quilt projects (so students can focus solely on color and not overly-complex constructions), artist secrets, and even a schedule for a two-day retreat.

What’s Different About Color Mastery?

  • Seven of the nine quilt projects can be made in one day!  That means a one day class is all it takes for your students to be instantly successful with selecting colors for their quilts.
  • Quilt projects included for all levels of quilters, from beginners to advanced.
  • Color theory presented in a playful, no stress manner, with short, easy exercises.
  • Uncovers artist’s secrets never revealed before to quilters.
  • Includes a schedule for a two-day color retreat.
  • Written by an expert in training and development, an award-winning quilter and writer who has worked in a quilt shop and understands what shop owners need.

Training Your Staff to Be More Color Savvy

Solve your quilter’s problems and they’ll be loyal to you, and that means a staff they can rely on to make them and their quilts look great every time.  So how can you improve the color advice from your staff?  Here’s a link to guidelines for teaching color and how to help your staff be more knowledgeable about color!

Lesson Plans for Quilt Shops

No need for your and your teachers to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Color Mastery classes.  Maria has developed lesson plans for twelve months of classes, and each has its own plan.  The lesson plan kit includes:

  • How to have a more color savvy staff
  • Tips for teaching color classes
  • Twelve months of Color Mastery classes, with a lesson plan for each
  • Ten ways Color Mastery can boost profits in your shop
  • Color tips handout for your students

Download the lesson plans by clicking here.  Each student in class must have their own copy of Color Mastery.  Contact us for group discounts.

Free Articles for Your Shop Newsletter

Highlighting a product in your newsletter with “how-to” information is one of the best ways to move product out the door!  At Fall Quilt Market, I heard a shop owner say she featured a book in her newsletter and sold over 40 copies!  Here are free articles you can download and include in your shop newsletter to get buyers in your shop, buying Color Mastery, and the fabric to make their next quilt project!

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Discovering the Secret to Stunning Color

No-Fail Color

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