Color Mastery a Benjamin Franklin Award Winner
for Best Craft Book of 2010

BREAKING NEWS—June 1,2010, Jasper, GA.  The Independent Book Publishers Association (IPBA) has chosen Color Mastery a winner for Best Craft Book of 2009!  See this press release for more details.

Over 50 Proven Techniques for Better Color in Your Quilts

Maria developed every exercise and quilt project in Color Mastery from her fabric stash, challenging herself artistically to design and make quilts with beautiful color palettes that any quilter could make.  “I knew if I could do it from my limited fabric stash, any quilter could read the book and then go into a quilt shop and select fabrics successfully,” says Peagler.

Instantly download a sample chapter from Color Mastery by clicking here.

Are You Stuck in a Color Rut?

Start with the 10 principles that are the core of the Color Mastery process to achieve brilliant color with your stash. But that’s just the beginning. Color Mastery includes a quilter’s toolkit of over 50 proven techniques to use with the fabrics you already own so you will never run out of fresh color ideas for any type of quilt: art, traditional, contemporary, reproduction, it doesn’t matter. You can become a color master and achieve outstanding color with every quilt you make.

Transcend the “matching to the focus fabric” habit and instead develop your own imaginative color combinations. Whether you are a traditional quilter trapped in a color rut or an art quilter looking for a deeper understanding of color, Color Mastery is your essential guide for a revolutionary new way of approaching color in your quilts.

Join Maria Peagler, award-winning fine art quilter, author, and instructional designer, as she teaches you:

  • how to develop your unique color vision in a journal
  • how to see color in your stash and in the quilt shop the way artists do
  • how to make any color work with any other color
  • where to get innovative ideas for fresh, unique color combinations
  • how to create a more versatile and color-rich stash
  • how to make challenging colors play well with others
  • how to master artists’ secrets of achieving sophisticated color relationships

How is Color Mastery Different?

Color Mastery takes a unique approach never before seen in a quilting book. Peagler has taken artistic principles, coupled them with simple quilts, for gorgeous projects any quilter can make. With Color Mastery, you can take ordinary fabrics already in your stash and turn them into simple quilts with sophisticated color relationships.  How?

  • quick exercises that you complete with your fabrics, instead of looking at complicated mock-up blocks using fabrics you don’t own.
  • discover artist’s secrets and apply them to quilts, whether traditional or art quilts
  • make complicated color theory simple and accessible through fun exercises that give you “play” time with your stash
  • easy, quick, quilts that incorporate the color principles for stunning results
  • art quilters can take the color curriculum portion of the book (nine chapters worth!) and apply it to their own designs
  • bring the joy back to working your stash again
  • go beyond just the step-by-step projects contained in most quilting books to give you a deep understanding and mastery of color

Is Color Mastery What I’ve Been Looking For?

  • Are you a quilter who longs for fresh quilts from the fabrics in your stash?
  • Are you an experienced quilter tired of making cookie-cutter quilts from kits, bundles, or other people’s color ideas?
  • Are you a quilting teacher who needs a new, hands-on approach to teaching color that works in a classroom environment?
  • Are you a quilt shop owner who needs a staff more knowledgeable about color advice for your clients?

Who Color Mastery Isn’t For?

  • Quilters who don’t want to think about the colors. You prefer “make-it and take-it” type projects
  • Quilters who don’t own a fabric stash
  • Quilters for whom the thought of using a color wheel gives them hives
  • Quilters who want advanced projects that take months to make with intricate piecing or applique
  • Quilters who just want another project idea, not looking to “learn” anything about color

A Revolutionary New Way of Approaching Color in Quilting

Who has time to learn color theory?  You do. Just look at what you can start doing today with Color Mastery:

In one hour, you can:

  • create a color journal
  • make a color wheel from your stash
  • see limitless color possibilities by starting with one color and using six different color harmonies (what I call “no-fail color prescriptions”)
  • give your fabrics an Extreme Stash Makeover, by seeing the colors in your stash the way artists do

In one evening, you can:

  • make several color wheels from “collections” in your stash, such as reproductions, batiks, or thirties prints
  • create a fabric palette in your color journal before you start a project
  • make one of six quilt projects or two bonus projects, each demonstrating artistic color principles by breathing new life into your fabric stash

When you want to take your time:

  • make your own custom color harmony
  • make one of the quilting projects that takes more time, like Cottage Garden
  • gather your best quilting buddies and follow the Color Mastery retreat outlined in the Appendix

Color Mastery is available at quilt shops, AtlasBooks (my secure distributor website), and Amazon. Quilt guilds can book Maria by visiting her Workshop page on her website.

Color Mastery Quilt Journal CD

Color Journal Pages

The first principle of the ten in Color Mastery is to keep a color journal, and Maria believes this step is so essential to understanding color she has developed a CD so you can print your own journal from home.  The Quilt Journal CD includes:

  • all charts and tables included in Color Mastery
  • all color wheels included in Color Mastery
  • journal page, listing all six color harmonies, with 1/4″ graph lines – great for designing quilts and drafting blocks
  • journal page, listing all six color harmonies, without graph lines – excellent for auditioning fabric swatches

Customize your journal by printing it on special paper and putting the pages in an order that makes sense to you.  Three-hole punch them and you’ll have a journal in a permanent binder.  The Quilt Journal CD is available only on the Color Mastery Store.

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