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Color Journals – I Miss You!

It’s been strange over the past couple of weeks without my color journals.  I lovingly packed them off to Quilter’s Newsletter for an excerpt of the book they’re planning for a spring issue.  I was hesitant to send them, they are so much a part of me.  But I wanted to share the color journal […]

Master Color Using Only Six Fat Quarters

Maud shares her Renaissance quilt from the Color Mastery workshop I taught this summer in Dawsonville.  My students use their color journals to discover the three elements of color and build unique palettes around their favorite color.  Even if quilters start out with the same blue, they’ll develop completely individual color palettes.  They truly discover […]

Color Journal at Work

Debbie and I met at FoxTales Book Shoppe during my book tour, and she is a fantastic lady who was so ready to learn about color in quilting.  Debbie read Color Mastery and applied the lessons, and look at her results.  Wow.  Debbie made this beautiful quilt for her niece Karen. Debbie has never taken […]

Extreme Quilt Makeover Video

I have so much fun making these videos!  Short, quick, and satisfying – just like candy.  I took advantage of all the gorgeous light coming in from the windows in my studio and I shot this video today.  It’s all about remaking a quilt if you could do it all over again.  I call it […]

Color Journal CD Now Available

Early adopters of Color Mastery loved the charts and miniature color wheels I included in the book. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of them. I heard from Liz, one of my readers, who just can’t bring herself to cut the mini color wheels from the back, and since color copying never gives accurate results, […]

A Night to Remember

Standing room-only last Friday evening at Sew Memorable for the Color Mastery book launch party. Jeanne’s team was so sweet and excited! They made homemade baby chocolate eclairs and weekend employees took off their day jobs to work in the shop all day to help Jeanne set up. Friends, quilters, even both of my sons’ […]

Developing Your Unique Color Vision in a Journal

How can you achieve your own color style, unique and stunning every time? Know yourself first.  Don’t be disappointed by using other people’s color choices in your quilts.  And rote practice of color theory without combining it with your personal preferences results in quilts that look like a color study. To use color effectively, you […]