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A Real Book’s Lasting Value

I want my work to last. Longevity is one of the three main goals I have for my books. The other two? A post for another day. I realized long ago that it took just as long to write a book that was trendy and out of print after two years as it did to […]

Susan Shie Reviews Color Mastery

Susan Shie, Professional Quilter’s 2008 Teacher of the Year, art quilter, and owner of Turtle Moon Studios, joins us today to review Color Mastery.  Susan’s work is well-known throughout the art quilting community, with her painted and stitched narratives of her daily life.  She’s just completed a series of Obama Quilts that have been on […]

NQA’s Quilting Quarterly: All About Color

The National Quilting Association’s (NQA) Winter issue of their publication, The Quilting Quarterly, is all about color.  They did a lovely review of Color Mastery, and have articles on color that really get you thinking.  This issue does not disappoint:  it’s filled with excellent articles, quilter profiles, gorgeous photography, and the latest events in quilting. […]

Color Mastery Visits Going to Pieces Blog

Day Nine of the Color Mastery Blog Tour finds me at Diane’s Going to Pieces blog.  Diane is a multi-talented lawyer, art quilter, mom, avid reader, and owner of the Art Quilters web ring.  Today Diane reviews the book, and tomorrow we chat about how color is essential for art quilters and the one tool […]