Author Visits

Are you a member of a bee group or mini-group?  A book club?  I’m a member of both, and I love the inspiration, friendship, and intimate setting of the small groups that meet in our homes.  I’m offering an opportunity for your small group to have me visit, chat about color, quilting, and creativity.  It’s a unique chance to sit down with an author and hear the behind-the-scenes about the book.

How does it work?  Here are the details:

  • If you live close to me in Georgia (within one day’s drive), I’ll visit your group in person.  If you’re more than one day’s drive, willing to pick up my travel expenses and provide a place for me to stay, I’ll visit your group as well.  Otherwise, we can visit over the telephone or via Skype, an online video conferencing site (don’t worry – it’s easy.  You don’t need any special equipment).
  • Encourage your bee group members to purchase my book(s) and to bring them to the meeting so I can autograph them, if it’s to be an in-person visit. If it will be a speakerphone visit, I can mail autographed bookplates to you. Buying the author’s books is the polite thing to do. Since authors usually are not paid by book groups for their time (though gas money is always appreciated), the least you can do is for the majority of the members to buy the book.
  • Print and bring a list of discussion questions for the book. I’ll be providing a bee group discussion guide soon on this website, so keep checking back! Also, encourage your members to come prepared with one or two other questions for the author.
  • For in-person visits, I like to arrive 10-15 minutes early and set up a small display of my books, bookmarks, and a sign-up list for my email newsletter. I appreciate the opportunity to sell books to members who may not have had a chance to buy one before the meeting or who may want to gift the books to others.
  • Arrange for someone from your bee to introduce me, thank me for coming, then have the members of the bee group introduce themselves. Especially if this is a speakerphone visit, it’s helpful for me to know something about each member to distinguish them. And, if it’s a speakerphone visit, members should re-state their name each time they ask a question.
  • Relax and enjoy the interaction. If you normally serve food during your meeting, continue to do so. Just let me know beforehand. I certainly won’t turn down a meal or a glass of wine! Make sure someone watches the time so I can stay on schedule, and plan for time at the end to autograph books, if it’s an in-person visit.

I’m booking small groups now, so float this idea before your group.  Discuss.  Get out the calendars.  I’ll see you there!

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