Color Mastery Social Media Scavenger Hunt Winner

Congratulations to Kathy Dye, the winner of the social media scavenger hunt in last week’s contest. The questions, along with their answers, are:

  • Day 1: What was the Color-of-the-Month I featured for January? White, found on the Quilts & Creativity blog
  • Day 2: What was I doing in my studio today? Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, via Twitter
  • Day 3: Where do I share my famous Cheeseburger Meatloaf recipe? In the September 2009 issue of my email newsletter
  • Day 4: How do I store my scraps that I use to make color wheels? In plastic baggies, found on my Creating a Quilter’s Color Wheel video on YouTube
  • Day 5: What was my Paducah ultimate to-do list this year? Visit the museum, visit my booth downtown, eat at Kershoffs Deli (homemade bread), and attend the show, found on the Color Mastery Facebook Fan page

And a big thank you to everyone who submitted answers to the contest. You are all officially social media gurus!

1 thought on “Color Mastery Social Media Scavenger Hunt Winner

  1. YAY!! THANK YOU MARIA! I’m so excited–and so appreciative. I have lots of time on my hands now since I’m no longer working full time. The scavenger hunt was fun and I learned so much–thank you for teaching me about twitter and your recipes look delicious! I’m hooked on your website and blog now. …still waiting on Amazon for your book… thanks again!

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