Color Mastery Goes Viral Contest

Welcome to the first of four contests I’ll be holding here at the Color Mastery blog to celebrate being selected as a finalist for Best Craft Book of 2009 in the Ben Franklin awards.  I’m starting off with an easy-peasy contest for week one, and you won’t believe what I’ve got in store for Weeks 2 & 3!!

I’m an independent publisher:  basically, I’m a solopreneur who has a team of dedicated professionals I rely on to create beautiful books.  I don’t have the big advertising budgets of larger publishers, so I don’t do a lot of advertising, direct mail, or other expensive forms of promotion.  I rely on the best and most trusted way of promoting:  word-of-mouth.

I need your help.  Will you help me spread the word about Color Mastery’s finalist status for Best Craft Book of the Year?  Not only is it a fabulous book, but I’ve provided a wealth of fantastic resources here at the website to extend and support the lessons in the book.  So let’s get the word out!

Here’s what you do:

  • spread the word to your quilting buddies online and let me know about it either by leaving a comment here on my blog or on my Facebook Fan page.  I respect everyone’s privacy, so I don’t need first & last names, just let me know “I emailed by guild program chairman” or “I suggested my quilting bee do a an author chat” or even “I spread the word about your newsletter to my sister.”

Here’s what I do:

  • select a winner from all of the entries late Friday so you Pacific Time quilters can join in the fun, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

What will you win?  Well, I’m thinking something big.  Something really big.  So how about a jelly roll in a Wildflower color palette (fabrics personally coordinated by me), a Love Apple table runner kit, and a set of my watercolor notecards? That’s over $75 worth of prizes, just for shouting out the good news about Color Mastery.  Oh, and that colorful fabric goodness peeking out from the behind the prizes?  That’s May’s Color-of-the-Month table runner, which is running a bit late due to all the festivities.

Are you ready?


Go!  Spread the word!

19 thoughts on “Color Mastery Goes Viral Contest

  1. I am sharing this with 2 of my mini quilting bees and with my Guild Program Chairman and then with some other quilting buddies.

  2. Hi Maria, I will give the name of your book to our Librarian at the guild she is always asking for suggestions for new books for our library and I will also send e-mails out to all of my quilting friends and ask them to think about buying your book. Oh i just love a contest . I wish you lived closer then you could come to our guild we are always looking for new speakers. Love and blessings Sandra

  3. I just found a new quilt store (well, new for me) and I’m totally going to spread the word about your book to them!

  4. Hi Maria! I love contests too – count me IN! I’ve notified my quilting friends, my guild, and Quilting Arts too! Congratulations on the big award – you are so deserving and COLOR MASTERY is the best, in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the new tablerunner for May. I’m so happy for you!

  5. I really enjoy all the info on your blog and congratulations on your book. I am sharing the news with my quilter sisters.

  6. I’ve sent this blog site to my sis (avid quilter) and will share this w my little bee when we meet next week. We all need this book!

  7. I shared your blog and tutorials with several of my quilt friends. I love working and thinking about color. Some years the new fabrics are difficult to use, but with all the new companies and designers I find it easier to blend colors.

  8. I spread the word to my church’s Hugs Ministry. We make quilt for kids in crisis situations. Congratulations on being named a finalist and good luck on winning. Take care and God bless, Cory

  9. I’m sharing this information about you book and blog with my quilting friends…when we can’t see each other often we chat daily on line via email and share photos of our work. I have been following you for quite a while. Congratulations!

  10. I spread the word to my favorite quilt shop where I currently take quilting lessons. I have your book and love it. I am hoping they will carry it and we can do some of the lessons in the book in class.

  11. Hey Maria, i shared this with two guilds which totals around 50 people!! Everyone is excited and praying you will win!! congratulations!! You are so blessed with talent and I am so blessed to be able to glean off your talent!!! Lauren <

  12. I am spreading the word with our quilt guild and so far they are liking what they hear. Take care and God bless, Judith

  13. I sent a comment yesterday, but don’t see it today, so want you to know I love your site and videos. I’ve ordered your book–congratulations!! And I’ve shared the news with my quilt group here in Indiana.

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