Color Mastery a Finalist for Best Craft Book of the Year!

You could probably hear me screaming with excitement when I got the big news:  Color Mastery is a finalist for Best Craft Book of 2009 in the Benjamin Franklin awards!  David and I will be traveling to New York City for the awards ceremony and to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary at the same time.

I’ll be celebrating here at the Color Mastery blog and my personal blog, Quilts & Creativity, so don’t miss out on all the fun.  Contests, giveaways, and surprises during the entire month of May!

1 thought on “Color Mastery a Finalist for Best Craft Book of the Year!

  1. Hi Maria , I have already said congratulations and I am sure you deserve it. I ordered your book On Monday from Amazon because I got free shipping but I am really looking forward to getting it.
    Also congratulations on twenty years of marriage. Murray and I celebrate 45 years this July. I came from similar background as you with parents that divorced when I was two and my always encourage me to go to school and have a career. It is a struggle at times with marriage but with God’s help and hard work we have made it this far. Love and blessings Sandra

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