Color Journals – I Miss You!

It’s been strange over the past couple of weeks without my color journals.  I lovingly packed them off to Quilter’s Newsletter for an excerpt of the book they’re planning for a spring issue.  I was hesitant to send them, they are so much a part of me.  But I wanted to share the color journal process and its potential with quilters so they could explore their own color styles.

To fill that void, I’ve started a new journal.  Still a color journal, but more of a visual journal and business plan in one.  I’ve been following the exercises in The Creative Entreprenuer by Lisa Sonora Beam and part of that is to create a mandala that ties together four pathways of business.  I was at a local cafe with my journal and supplies and created this.

I doubted the whole visual journal process at first (does this sound familiar to quilters who doubt color journals?).  I own plenty of beautiful books on journals, but they all seem to be recycling other people’s art and the makers spend more time creating the pages than getting meaning out of them.  But I forged ahead anyway and was pleasantly surprised.  This visual journal process works for creative business owners.  I really don’t like filling out state tax forms, doing accounting, cash flow projections, and the like, but they are necessary parts of my business.  And Lisa’s visual journal process helps creative business people visually map out their strengths, weaknesses, and plans.  In a method that speaks to them.

So again, it’s journals to the rescue.  For color.  For business.  For quilts.  After all, it’s always about the quilts.

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