Color Journal at Work

Debbie's Quilt after Color Journal

Debbie and I met at FoxTales Book Shoppe during my book tour, and she is a fantastic lady who was so ready to learn about color in quilting.  Debbie read Color Mastery and applied the lessons, and look at her results.  Wow.  Debbie made this beautiful quilt for her niece Karen.

Color Journal from Color Mastery

Debbie has never taken one of my workshops, so she was able to do all this from the book alone.  She knew what quilt she wanted to make – a Yellow Brick Road, and she knew she wanted blue as the main color.  She used her color journal to figure out what blues to use, and what other colors would give her the effect she wanted with those blues.

Fabrics from Color Journal

Fabrics are cut and ready to be put into a quilt.  Debbie’s “artist date” in her color journal paid off big rewards.  You can already see the effects of those colors working together.  Blues and greens blend nicely, while the yellow and pink sparkle.

Close up of Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Here’s a close up of all those beautiful fabrics together, plus a few more.  Debbie is thrilled with her results, and her niece Karen is one lucky girl!  Imagine what you can do with your fabrics, a color journal, and Color Mastery!

Try out the Renaissance quilt, one of the nine quilt projects in the book – it takes only 6 fat quarters, shows you how to select your colors, how to decide how much of each color to use, teaches strip-piecing, and has no triangles.  Super easy and totally rewarding!  In only one day, you can be a color master and have a gorgeous quilt.  Send me photos of the projects you make from Color Mastery and I’ll post them here on my blog!

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