Two New Color Mastery Videos Premiere

I’ve been gone so long during my book tour and at spring Quilt Market I wasn’t able to upload a May video, so here are two new videos: one for May and one for June. My goal is to do one video a month on color, and this month I answer the #1 question asked of me during my book tour and give you guidance on how to use the new 20 hot colors forecasted for quilters.

New Colors for 2009/2010

Quilter’s Newsletter June/July 2009 issue has an article on p. 37 (how’s that for specific!) by Luana Rubin, president of online fabric retailer eQuilter, in which Ms. Rubin forecasts the top 20 hot colors for quilters. She puts them together in a 5×4 grid, so that any two-block color combination makes a trendy color palette. Enjoy the video and the guidance it brings on actually putting these new hues to use in your quilts.  Download the chart listing the new colors here.

Using Prints in a Color Palette

This video answers the most-often asked question I received during my April/May book tour. In fact, at every stop a quilter had this question. I had no idea prints were so challenging to people, and I’m delighted I was able to connect with my readers long enough for us to really have a discussion about color.  In my classes students often bring fabrics that “read as solids,” and avoid busy prints altogether.  Here I offer a solution for coordinating your favorite prints, whether large-scale, small-scale, contemporary or reproduction, in to a color palette for your quilt.

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