Color Journal CD Now Available

Early adopters of Color Mastery loved the charts and miniature color wheels I included in the book. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of them. I heard from Liz, one of my readers, who just can’t bring herself to cut the mini color wheels from the back, and since color copying never gives accurate results, she wanted more of them. What if I had them printed up and offered in packs?

Well, I’ve done even better. I’m offering the Color Journal CD so you can print and customize your journal to your liking. You know how much I adore keeping a journal, even making my own with watercolor paper, hand-sewn binding, and fabric covers. But they still weren’t right. I wanted to have graph paper and blank paper together, so I could design a quilt on the graph paper, and draw, sketch, or audition fabric swatches on the blank paper. Now you can do both, and each journal page has all six color harmonies listed, so you don’t have to remember those fun names!

Plus, every chart and color wheel is included.  I had no idea when I wrote Color Mastery how important the Color Harmony chart would be, and I couldn’t predict you’d want more of them!  Now you don’t have to travel to the copy shop to make copies of the color wheel charts you fill in with your fabric swatches.  It’s all on the CD.

And I’ve made it affordable.  $16.95 for a lifetime of unlimited journals, the way you want them.  I’ve already made one journal I keep in a three-ring binder – with pockets no less!  I’ll be printing my next one on special paper, giving it a lovely binding, and presenting it as a gift to my quilting friend whose birthday is this month (not naming names in case she reads this!).

Ok, I’m gushing about keeping a journal and the Color Journal CD.  It’s available only from the Color Mastery store, and I even offer a special price if you order the book and CD.  Enjoy.

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