Color Mastery Video Premieres at Quilting Gallery Blog

Day Five of the Color Mastery blog tour includes the premiere of my second video over at Michele Foster’s Quilting Gallery blog.  The Create Your Own Color Wheel video is a great color exercise, and the first I do with my students in class.  Check out the video, the downloadable chart, and the chance to win a copy of Color Mastery by creating your own color wheel with your stash and sending me a photo!  This is the second international stop on the blog tour – Michele’s a Canadian girl and her blog is relatively new but has made a big splash in the quilting community.

Don’t forget to chat with me over at LibraryThing, and watch for my blog tour stops next week when I visit a homeschooling blog, applique blog, and art quilt blog.  What an awesome tour!  I hope you’ve enjoyed every day of it.

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