Color Mastery Hits Local – and Annie’s Winner!

This week the local papers did articles on the book.  The first is print edition only, but their website offers a photo of me, and more importantly, you can see my stash in the background (scroll down and it’s on the left sidebar).  It’s well organized, but not huge by any means.

And here’s the article in my neighborhood newspaper as well:

My son’s band teacher saw the articles and asked him if I was famous.  My son almost fell off his stool laughing.  His teacher also asked him if we had a lot of quilts in the house, to which he answered, “No.”  Where does he live?  A quilt in every room of the house, thank you.  Some even have two!  Speaks volumes to the preoccupations of a teenaged-boy.

Congratulations Donna Coffey!  You’re the lucky winner of the autographed copy of Color Mastery from all the of wonderful comments from Annie’s Quilting Stash listeners.  Wow – the response was fantastic, and I’d delighted ya’ll enjoyed the podcast.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

If you didn’t win, you can find Color Mastery at your local quilt shop.  As Patsy Thompson, machine quilting expert, told me:

“I’m seeing reviews of it and a picture of the cover EVERYWHERE!”

2 thoughts on “Color Mastery Hits Local – and Annie’s Winner!

  1. I’ve never understood why pepole have to be so negative about things. Anyway, you did one heckuva job for a first quilt. Now how will you care for a quilt with wool batting in it? Dry clean? Cold water and line dry? Love that idea of putting the material behind the back for it to show when it folds down.

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